lundi 27 octobre 2008

And another 3 points lost !!!

Unfortunately, West Ham lost 3 points yesterday against Arsenal. The Hammers played seriously and even had some good opportunities to open the score (Bellamy in the first half) but we have to admit that Arsenal was in good shape.
Arsenal made the difference in 2nd half, when Emmanuel Adebayor came into the ground. In spite of the defeat, Herita was happy. He said that the level of the match was pretty high ! He would have want to offer the 3 points to the fans which have been really unbelievable !!
The week just begins and the Hammers have to meet the Champion in Old Trafford ! After Robin Van Persie and T. Walcott, it's Cristiano Ronaldo who is waiting for Herita !

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arjan a dit…

bonjour herita,

je suis un hammer hollandais, et je dois ecrite ..something haha..vous etes une grand joeur, votre technique de ballon et votre recuperation est superbe!!je espere vous restez a west ham pour dix ans!!:-):-)

up the irons!!

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Herita

Well done to you mate - I am very happy to have you on my team...I hope you will sign with us long term contract..BTW my prediction against Man U is 1:1 and against Boro its 2:2- can anybody send my predictions to Texas Hammer please?I have been banned recently...Up the Irons lads!


Jacko1966 a dit…

Bonjour Herita, et bienvenue a West Ham. J'espere aussi vous restez a Upton Park pour tout l'annee. Allez Les Hammers!

Paul a dit…

Bonjour Herita.
My French is not so good, but google helps me sometimes lol. Welcome to West Ham. We already like you very very very very much, you play like a true West Ham player. Please stay full time. Your blog is too dark to read, change the background colour.
With you helping we will win against Man U on Wednesday. Ronaldo is not happy, he wants to be in Madrid lol so you will be alright. Come on you Irons!!!

Anonyme a dit…

i have been really pleased with the way you have settled into the west ham team and would like to see you at upton park for some years to come.
give them hell at old trafford wednesday,i know you will be up for it

Anonyme a dit…

Salut Herita, ca fait pas bizarre de passer du Havre et de Grenoble à Arsenal et Manchester United ???

Anonyme a dit…

Hello Herita
We are very pleased to have you playing for the Hammers, you're doing a great job.
We'll start our winning run soon, maybe not until after the Manchester United game though!
All the best
Happy Hammer

Herita Ilunga a dit…

i've just read your messages and i'm very happy. its a pleasure for me to play for this team and learn to know the great supporters. i want, like you said, continue to play for west ham because it's magic for me. I hope you will back on my blog, i don't write the articles but i answer myself with help because i don't know english very well yet. thanks everybody
see you

Nychou a dit…

c lui le meilleur !!!
il est solide & compétent en défense

Anonyme a dit…


You are fast becomming a cult hero in the East End. I for one love the way you play with energy, strength and ability. Please sign permenantly for our claret and blue barmy army.