dimanche 9 novembre 2008

The bad series continues

What a disappointment for Herita and his team mate last saturday !!! The bad series continues. West Ham lost 1-3 in Upton Park against Everton. Sixth Match without victory !
It's a great desilussion because the match began quite well for West Ham. The Hammers controlled the match, they had some good opportunities (the shot of Sears crash off the crossbar) and even open the score by Collison !
Unfortunately, Everton woke up and put 3 goals in just 4 minutes ! Those 3 goals means 3 others points lost.
Anyway, the Hammers have to keep faith in themselves. Each bad series has a end. Every cloud has a silver linig, does'nt it ?

1 commentaire:

Anonyme a dit…

Herita, tomorrow will be your day!!

Demain c'est votre le jour!!

You can be the inspiration!

We believe in you and hope
you will stay at West Ham!

good luck, Herita

get a goal, son :D