jeudi 4 décembre 2008

Is it possible to doubt of Herita happiness in West Ham ?

The interview of Herita for football365.fr (French website) aroused strong passions !!!!! Herita received a lot of reactions from fans. Two of them took the article in the wrong way.
It seems that there is a little confusion between what is written and what should be understood. If you go through the article you will understand that Herita is really happy to be in West Ham and that he WISH TO SIGN HERE as a permanent. As he also said in the interview West Ham is a big club with real history, fans and values. And that is what he repeats constantly since he arrived in this fantastic club.
Anyway, those mails prove the usefulness of the blog, share opinions and feelings with fans. It also proves that Herita takes into account your point of view. So don’t hesitate to send emails !!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you everybody ! COYI

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Anonyme a dit…

OK, thanks for the clarification. Glad Herita is happy here at West Ham.

Kadi a dit…

Herita you are a real inspiration for Congolese fans...we love you and are very very very proud of you when we see you in the Premier League!
you are the only "real" Congolese left in the EPL.

Prince H a dit…

Beware of the English journos!
Too many of them are not serious. All over the web we can now read the mistranslation of you nice interview!
Your word "second zone" has been translated to "second rate". They want to misinterpret. That's awful! Horefully it sonät hurt you, cause the original interview was rally nice.
You've been doin a great job for the club since day one and hopefully you'll have a fiveyear contract with Zola very soon. Good luck!
We are ten fans travelling from Sweden this weekend so: Hopefully the whole team will do an excellent match on Monday. With you to score the winner!

Prince H a dit…

I wrote some stuff about the translation as well:


Anonyme a dit…

It is a shame that the media have changed what you said Herita. They are very good at doing that though. You are a fan favourite at West Ham and we realise that you are happy here and play your heart out for the team. Keep it up!!

azim a dit…

les tabloid anglais ont rien compris comme d'habitude. faut les comprendre, tu viens de leur apprendre que West Ham c'était ni Chelsea, ni Arseal, ni Mmanchester. faut leur laisser le temps de digérer cette bombe!! Enfin, j'èspère et j'en suis certain, les supporters eux auront fait la part des choses et auront compris comme moi que tu es heureux à West Ham et que tu t'épanouis. Continue!!!!!

Anonyme a dit…


Anonyme a dit…

Good luck for tonight Herita - you play with great Passion for the Claret and Blue and the Fans adore you for that!