vendredi 13 février 2009

Paroles aux supporters !!!!

Herita avait été particulièrement touché de voir le drapeau du Congo mis en évidence lors d'un match de Premier League. Il avait publiquement remercié ces supporters dans l'Official Matchday Programme :
'It was at a time when there were problems in Congo and when I looked I thought I must be dreaming. I looked again and was really touched. The fans don't just come to support us as players but they support us as people. It was their way of showing their solidarity and it left me very happy. I tried to find out who it was but unfortunately the people didn't come forward. I was sorry as I was really touched by their gesture'"
Ils se sont manifestés en écrivant directement à Herita. Donc MERCI à Dan Boden et Daniel Honey pour leur soutien !
N'hésitez pas à rejoindre le groupe qu'ils ont créé sur Facebook (Herita Ilunga)
Come On You Irons !!!

3 commentaires:

sam mayne a dit…

hello herita im sam mayne im 15 years old this is the first time i have wrote to anyone on here so please excuse any mistakes.i just wanted to say thank you for playing so well for my club west ham and showing amazing passion. i really hope you are staying on next season.because i want to get your name on the back of my shirt. you are my favourite player at the club. i will be cheering you on at the man city game and the west brom game, because they are the matches i have tickets for.i hope you can comment back to me herita, because your the reason i have joined up with blogspot. thanks write back. :)

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Sam,
Thanks for the support and for following me. Its a pleasure for me to play for this team in front of really good public like you.
Thanks for everything and see you soon


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