mardi 3 mars 2009

Fan of the week

Hello Benjamin, since when are you supporting West Ham ?
Hey there, I have supported the Hammers since birth!

What is your opinion about Herita since his arrival ?
Herita's been brilliant for us. A lot of fans were concerned about George McCartney, our previous left-back, leaving the club. But when I saw Ilunga's first game for the Hammers against West Brom, I thought he looked very promising, and he's turned out to be the best left-back we've had for some time. Now I just hope Herita has signed for West Ham permanently!

One word for Herita ?
You've been a great addition to the team Herita, I know you've a very popular candidate for Hammer of the Year, so keep up all the good work and I hope to see you in a Hammers shirt for a long time yet!

Attached is a photo of Benjamin, at Herita's first game for the Hammers. Keep sending us your photos or videos !!!!

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