mercredi 13 mai 2009

Vote for Herita Best Left Back of the Premier League !

We want to apologize for not having put new contributions on Herita Blog for the last couples of week.
Don't worry, we will give you as soon as possible one interview from Herita about his feelings about his first season in Premier League, his life in London .... so don't hesitate to send us some questions !!!!!
For the moment, we encourage you to click in the follow link (http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,12028_5283350,00.html) to vote for Herita as best Left back of the Year.
We also rely on you to vote for him for the Hammer of the Year.

4 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

You have my vote !

Ally a dit…


Anonyme a dit…

Congratualtions to Herita for an excellent first season with West Ham, the first of many I hope!

I have a few questions

Has Herita eaten pie and mash yet, or jellied eels? They are a local delicay and something all East Enders should try at least once!

Can Herita sing the words to Bubbles?

What was Herita's favourite game he played in and what was his least favourite?

What team formation does Herita like to play in best?

Will Herita miss any West Ham games with the African Cup of Nations?

All the best


Happy Hammer

Blogger a dit…

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