mercredi 29 octobre 2008

It's time to defy the champion

It's not easy for the Hammers to be confident after the three last defeats. And like you can imagine the nightmare is not over! The are going to face Manchester United today 3 days only after the hard match against Arsenal!After Walcott and Adebayor, it's time to defy Rooney, Ronaldo (for sure the next "ballon d'or") and Tevez (the old player of West Ham who is a very good player too).
The programm of the day : breakfast until 10, then walk, lunch, rest, talk meeting and finally the departure for the match at 6 pm.
Herita will got a lot of work with Ronaldo this evening! As well as the team! In fact, they haven't got chance because 4 players would'nt be there (Cole, Neil...).
We hope that they are going to win even if it's not an easy game...

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Just think how it could lift the team for the next weeks if we get a result at ManU.....

Anonyme a dit…

You can be the man tonight, mate!

We love Number 3's who are attacking in their play and crunching in their tackles - just like you are!

I think you will personally get the winner tonight!!

Make it happen for us, Herita!

You can be a real Congo STAR here!!


Anonyme a dit…

Bon Herita, on compte sur toi pour calmer cristiano Ronaldo car il se la raconte trop