jeudi 30 octobre 2008

Another defeat!

Like you maybe know West Ham lost yesterday.There are not a lot a things to say about this defeat. Ronaldo scored two times. But we know that some of the team player were not there and this was not a good thing for a match against M.U. Herita and his colleagues have to think only to : The match against Middlesbrough tommorow. They have to win to break this bad series. It's is obviously possible with work and chance. We wish very hard that they will win, it's the only solution to make come the success back. They will travel today to this town and there they will wait for this match under pressure...

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

I'll be cheering the Hammers on up at Boro, I hope you continue to play well Herita. It would be great if you blasted the ball into the opposing net to give the travelling Hammers something to cheer about on the long journey home.
All the best
Happy Hammer

Goatygav a dit…

I heard you were injured Herita. I hope this isn't the case as you are one of our best performing players so far this season. Please keep up the work-rate and creation of chances from the left.