dimanche 2 novembre 2008

The end of defeats?

Herita and his team mate came back from Middlesbrough with one point yesterday. It's a great thing after the bad series of matchs of this past weeks. But,there is only one regret : not had maintained the score of the success and take a goal at the end. Final score 1-1. There is no choice, the Hammers have to win against Everton next week.
Herita want to thanks the person who came yesterday to watch the match with the Congo's flag. He was very touched by this attention because he is very sad with all the problems that happened in his country of birth.

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Bogen a dit…

I sure hope that our luck will turn. We were very unfortunate against Middlesborough, but I think that it will change against Everton. I really think we will beat them at Boleyn Ground.

I have been watching you, Herita, and you have impressed me a lot! I hope you will continiue to play this way and I hope that I can fly over to England and watch you this see you live this season! Keep up the good work!

Greetings from Norway!